Many machines in industrial manufacturing rely heavily on compressed air as the source of power for production and equipment control. The cleanliness and purity of compressed air is highly demanded, as foreign particle inside the air may affect the final product quality and safety. SWAN air compressors can provide you high-quality compressed air solutions, enable you to save operational costs and achieve energy efficiency while using our stable and high energy efficient air compressors.

  • Automatic Manufacturing

    All the automatic production equipment in manufacturing industry usually need to use compressed air to control the machine’s automation systems.

  • Lifting and Handlings

    Used for lifting -- compressed air drives the lifting equipment such as cranes or pneumatic lifting equipment.

  • Vacuum Packaging

    Compressed air can be applied to perform vacuum packaging, to extend the service-life of the products.

  • Spray Painting

    Compressed air can drive spray guns to spray paint onto the surface of metals and other materials.

  • Dust Cleaning

    The powerful spray of compressed air can remove dust, particles, and other dirt on the surface of the parts, go deep into the gap to remove inaccessible dust, and will not wear or scratch the surface of the parts, especially for objects that cannot be cleaned with solvents or be touched. Usually pneumatic tools, such as Air blowing gun will be used.

  • Printing Industry

    Compressed air can help to separate paper sheets and do printing works. By using compressed air into the printing machine can not only reduce the cost, but also improve quality and efficiency of the printed products.

  • Metallurgical Industry

    Operations including metal smelting, sintering, cold rolling, hot rolling, wire rod and sheet metal bundling and so on, all need compressed air to perform the works.

  • Cutting and Welding

    Compressed air can be used to perform cutting and welding jobs such as on laser cutting machines and welding guns.