WD Series

SWAN air compressor WD series with cooling water flowing through the water chamber around the cylinder to reduce operating temperature.


  • Horse power (HP) 20-60
  • Working pressure (kg/cm²) 7
  • Capacity (m³/min) 1.85-5.20


Withstand higher ambient temperature, lower working temperature and prolong life

  1. Water cooler
  2. SWAN patented oil-less bare pump
  3. Air tank


Oil-less clean compressed air

SWAN's exclusive patented oil-free body, special oil scraper combination and a reliable leak-proof combination design ensure the quality of oil-free air.

Use cooling water for pump and air cooling

The cooling water is cooled to withstand higher ambient temperature and lower the working temperature to prolong the service life.

Long service life of the air compressor

The cylinder is super hard electroplated and mirror grounded. PTFE piston ring and guide ring ensure lubricity and wearing resistance.


Detailed specifications

Model Power (HP) Power (kW) Working Pressure (kg/cm²) Capacity (m³/min) Dimension (mm) (L*W*H)
WD-220 20 15 7 1.85 2360x750x1465
WD-240 30 22 7 2.46 2549x810x1365
WD-160 60 45 7 5.20 3750x1620x2420
  • The specification of the above air compressor is for 50Hz's, other discharge, pressure and drive type available upon request
  • SWAN Air Compressors keep on searching for excellence, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
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