S Series

SWAN air compressor S series are designed with large displacement, big air tank, low oil pressure protection, powder painting air tank, to achieve durable and long service life.


  • Horse power (HP) 0.25~15
  • Working pressure (kg/cm²) 8
  • Capacity (m³/min) 0.03~1.229


A robust and durable partner

  1. Reciprocating air compressor pumps
  2. Intelligent control panel(Optional)
  3. Patented drain valve on top of air tank(Optional)
  4. Powder coated air tank


Reciprocating Air Compressor Pumps

Having more than 65 years’ experiences in designing and manufacturing air compressors, SWAN reciprocating air compressor pumps feature high efficiency, sturdy structure, durability and reliability.  We apply high precision machine tools and advanced techniques for component manufacturing to ensure all products with top and steady quality.

Intelligent Control Panel(Optional)

Real time lubrication and non-loading start/stop design to eliminate wearout during on/off.⠀⠀Flexible remote control offer humanized operation.  Intelligent auto-control able to adjust self protection based on actual air consumption.  Running status and failure will be indicated on control panel, allow operator to react at first moment.

Patent drain valve on top of air tank (Optional)

Exclusive patented water drain valve on top of the air tank, able to exhaust condensate water accumulated in air tank.  Further to reduce possibility of tank rust and extend duribility.

Powder coated air tank

Air tank prepared by initially shot blasting, thicker powder coating applied to ensure bright and durable surface protection.

Environmental friendly coating process also applied during manufacturing.


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Detailed specifications

Model Power (HP) Power (kW) Working Pressure (kg/cm²) Capacity (m³/min) Tank Capacity (liter) Dimension (mm) (L*W*H) Weight (kg)
SVU(P)-114 0.25 0.1875 8 0.030 36 775x290x605 26
SVU(P)-212 0.5 0.375 8 0.058 58 940x330x700 52
SVP-201 1 0.75 8 0.117 85 1100x440x780 58
SVP-202 2 1.5 8 0.205 85 1100x440x780 62
SVP-203 3 2.2 8 0.296 106 1350x450x840 110
SVU(P)-205 5 3.7 8 0.450 155 1450X530X980 168
SWU(P)-307 7.5 5.5 8 0.723 240 1470X650X1150 230
SWU(P)-310 10 7.5 8 0.955 300 1835X650X1200 250
SWU(P)-415 15 11 8 1.229 300 1835X650X1215 275
  • The specification of the above air compressor is for 50Hz's, other discharge, pressure and drive type available upon request
  • SWAN Air Compressors keep on searching for excellence, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

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