Chemistry & Laboratories

Chemistry & Laboratories

In the process of chemical experiments, the toxic, corrosive and unstable gases can be produced unavoidably. Stricter requirements must be imposed on the equipment used in order to ensure the smooth process. Swan air compressors can provide certified oil-free, odorless, clean and dry air to make sure safety and accuracy of the experiments.

  • Research & Experiment

    Due to some chemical reactions, the oil-free compressed air must be required very strictly to avoid the possibility of explosions. Our oil-less air compressors can provide oil-free, odorless, clean and dry air, which can ensure safety and accuracy of the experiment.

  • Fermentation

    The oxygen provided inside the compressed air can cause the bacteria in the process of fermentation to produce chemical substances. Even a small amount of oil will damage and destroy the fermentation bacteria. The oil-less air compressors can provide clean and oil-free air to ensure product quality.

  • Control precision instruments

    Many precision instruments require compressed air as power source. Oil-free air compressors can provide oil-free and clean compressed air to protect expensive precision instruments and equipment, and avoid oil clogged and damage.

  • PET Products

    Compressed air is used in the production and transportation of PET resin particles, and the oil in compressed air will contaminate the resin, resulting in different composites when the raw material particles are sintering and mixing, which can seriously catch fire too. Oil-less air compressors can provide oil-free, odorless, clean and dry air to ensure the smooth and safe production process.

  • Chemical tanker

    Diesel-driven compressors are often to be used on chemical cargo ships to handle unloading, loading and transporting operations.