In the automobile and motorcycle industry, from the most basic tire inflation, car body cleaning, paint spraying, parts processing, to the use of pneumatic tools, a reliable air compressor is necessary. Swan air compressors can provide you with stable compressed air, help you to complete your work efficiently. Let us help your business grow and expand.

  • Clean and Dust

    The powerful spray of compressed air can remove dust, particles, and other dirt on the surface of the parts, go deep into the gap to remove inaccessible dust, and will not wear or scratch the surface of the parts, especially for objects that cannot be cleaned with solvents or be touched. Usually pneumatic tools, such as Air blowing gun will be used.

  • Removal and installation

    Using screws and nuts for installation, disassembly, and assembly of parts, drilling tools and so on, all need to be executed by compressed air, often used together with pneumatic tools, such as pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic drivers, etc.

  • Lifting and Handlings

    Used for lifting -- compressed air drives the lifting equipment such as cranes or pneumatic lifting equipment.

  • Spray painting

    Compressed air can drive spray guns to spray paint onto the surface of metals and other materials.

  • Roadside assistance

    When automobiles and locomotives break down on the road and need to replace tires and parts, it is in a working environment without electricity, and the main power source of the pneumatic tools used is from an engine-type air compressor.