SDU Series

SWAN SD series air compressors, with environmental concerns, are designed to provide oil-less & dirt-free purified compressed air to meet with your needs. No additional lubricant is required, and no air pollution.


  • Horse power (HP) 3~30
  • Working pressure (kg/cm²) 8
  • Capacity (m³/min) 0.28~2.49


No need to add lubricating oil, oil-free design, environmentally friendly

  1. SWAN oil-less quality bare pump
  2. Patented drain valve on the air receiver
  3. Smart controller
  4. Powder coating air receiver


SWAN oil-less quality bare pump

SWAN's exclusive patented pump, oil-free structure design, greatly reduces the cost of the air purification system, and provides better air quality.

Patented drain valve on the air receiver

The exclusive patented drain function on the air tank quickly and easily remove the accumulated condensate in the air receiver, reduce the rust chance and increase the service life of devices.

Smart control panel

The distinctive design of the controller that enable to eliminate wearing damages to all mechanical parts during ON/OFF and loading/unloading operations.  Intelligent control system be able to self-adjust the air discharge quantity flexibly due to different air consumption.  Multi protective system and intimate design to completely meet customer requirement.

Powder coating air receiver

The air receiver body is treated with steel ball sandblasting, the spraying film thickness is thicker, and its coverage is better.  The automatic powder coating on the production line in the field can also pay attention to environmental protection during production, and meanwhile to ensure the overall outer surface is bright and durable.



SWAN patented oil-free structure

Generally, oil-free air compressors are with Oil-free structure, which still contains oil during operation, and it only has no oil in the compressed air; but the patented bare pump of SWAN oil-free air compressors is with Oil-less structure, which not only has no oil in the compressed air, but also has no need to add lubricating oil during operation, which can provide you with cleaner and oil-free compressed air


ALL-IN-ONE, optional air dryer, air filter & air tank

Give full play to the ingenuity of space creativity, combine the air compressor, air dryer, and air filter to make the oil-free air cleaner and dry, and save 40-50% of the original space. Shortening the piping can reduce the air pressure loss. The all-in-one design not only saves space, but also improves efficiency.

Detailed specifications

Model Power (HP) Power (kW) Working Pressure (kg/cm²) Capacity (m³/min) Tank Capacity (liter) Dimension (mm) (L*W*H) Weight (kg)
SDU-203 3 2.2 8 0.285 155 1480x520x950 150
SDU-205 5 3.7 8 0.485 240 1525x580x1200 230
SDU-307 7.5 5.5 8 0.73 300 1835x650x1300 250
SDU-310 10 7.5 8 0.885 300 1835x650x1300 250
SDU-415 15 11 8 1.32 300 1835x650x1300 275
GP-510 5 3.7 8 0.485 165 1440x1230x1400 400
  • The specification of the above air compressor is for 50Hz's, other discharge, pressure and drive type available upon request
  • SWAN Air Compressors keep on searching for excellence, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
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