House decoration & Constructions

House decoration & Constructions

In the construction industry, compressed air can be applied in a wide range of operations. For example, oil-less compressed air can be used to transport materials, such as concrete and cement. It can also be used as air control for mixers. Besides, compressed air is also required for common pneumatic tools.

  • Concrete conveying or spraying

    In construction sites, it is difficult to use concrete mixers, so powerful compressed air is required for concrete conveying, mixing, or spraying.

  • Drilling

    Compressed air has very strong power, which can perform drilling work economically and efficiently. It is often to be used with pneumatic tools such as pneumatic drills and so on.

  • Ventilation System

    In the underground working environment, it is easy to cause hypoxia. In addition to being used as a pneumatic energy source, for cleaning dust, and for automatic operation, air compressors can also provide breathing air for the workers. But the quality of the compressed air needs to be very clean so it will not cause any harm to the staff’s health.

  • Repairs, Improvements and Decorations

    Compressed air is used with pneumatic tools in repairs, improvements, decoration, and woodworking. For example, pneumatic nail guns and sand mill.

  • Painting

    Compressed air can drive the painting gun to perform the painting job.