Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

In the waste treatment process, when waste is being incinerated, compressed air is instantly introduced in, and flows in the opposite direction to the exhausted air flowing . The solid particles after the waste combustion can be directly transferred to the waste bin by compressed air to reduce possible pollution; and in power energy generation area, it is also an indispensable source of power to drive many different devices.

  • Power Plants

    Used in wind, solar, and nuclear power plants, compressed air is used as an energy source to drive devices, and can also be applied for energy transfer.

  • Petroleum

    Compressed air is used in oil refining process, liquid transportation, packaging and other areas to drive the relevant devices.

  • Incineration Plant

    In addition to using the compressed air on the instrumentation and control equipment in the factory, we can also use it for pneumatic conveyors, aeration of flying ash inside the storage tanks and ignition of burners.

  • Sewage Treatment

    Compressed air is used to control sewage flow, oxidize the sewage pond, and blow off sludge.

  • Water purification and oxidation

    Compressed air can be released into the water to increase the oxygen content and circulation in the water, which can activate the water quality.