We have been cooperating with the French high-speed rail (TGV) and the world's well-known transportation companies to supply them with Oil-less air compressors for trains. With the accumulated rich experience in designing, manufacturing , and doing after-sale service for them, we believe that our profound working experience can also help you with professional expertise in railway systems. We believe that our high-efficient air compressors can definitely be allowable to work smoothly and reliably in the transporting industries.

  • Air brake system

    Compressed air is highly being used in braking systems, such as high-speed railways, trains, MRT, subways, etc.

  • Opening and closing of pneumatic doors and windows

    Compressed air is suitable to be used for opening and closing doors and windows of vehicles.

  • Railway Track Changing Position

    The lane change of the rail is controlled by a compressed air device.

  • Automated control of subway

    The compressed air is used to control the automated machinery and equipment of the subway system.

  • Automatic Equipment of the ship

    The compressed air is used to control the automatic machinery and equipment on the ship.

  • Loading and unloading operation

    Compressed air is used on large lifting equipment for cargo unloading.