Spare parts service

If you are not sure about the exact purchasing date, please provide us with the photos of the parts and the Machine’s name plate through the email.


Confirm your product model

Product Model

Please check the identification card or Name Plate on the air compressor.


Confirm the production date

Production Date

Because we are keeping up-to-date and improving the energy efficiency of our products, there may be changes in design of components for the air compressors produced in different periods. In order to prevent you from buying incorrect parts, please also confirm the production date of the air compressor.


Confirm the parts’ name

Parts’ Name

Each air compressor will be attached with a Parts-List for checking the parts name, if your parts-List or Operational manual has been lost, please Contact us. We will freely provide it to you.


Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us or call our customer service staff whenever you need. We will provide you with good services as soon as possible.

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