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Life & Arts

We recommend you to choose our portable air compressors. These models are designed to be easy to carry and durable in operation . They also provide low noise level in running and safety protection design to prevent from contacts to high temperature surface of the machine . Our portable air compressors are your little helpers in your home environment use.

  • Blow Clean and Dust Removal

    To clean computers, cars, and bicycles, the powerful compressed air can remove dust, particles, and other dirt on their surfaces, can go deep into the gap to clean inaccessible places, and will not wear or scratch the surface of them, especially for objects which are unable to be cleaned by solvent or untouchable. The compressed air is often used with pneumatic tools, such as dust blowing guns.

  • Inflating Tires

    In our daily life, the tires of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles are always being inflated. The air pressure in the tires can play as a cushioning and shock-absorbing effect. It is very important to inflate tires correctly. When the inflation is insufficient or over-inflated, the tires cannot work properly, which will greatly affect the driving safety, tire performance and service-life. The compressed air is often used with pneumatic tools, such as inflatable guns.

  • Spray Painting

    For painting of musical instruments, to avoid inclusion of oil or other impurities in the air , and the condensing moisture generated by compressing air, to cause poor painting, we recommend to use an oil-free air compressor with a dryer or water filter for it. The compressed oil-free air is generally used with pneumatic tools like spray guns.