Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Air compressors are often used in mining industries such as mining coal , digging holes, constructing tunnels, environmental cleanup, and providing underground breathing air. Due to the dangerous and harsh environment, the air compressors used need to provide not only high efficient compressed air but also durable air source for long-time use in harsh environmental conditions. SWAN air compressors have more than 65 years of manufacturing experience, and will be able to provide you with reliable air compressors.

  • Deep Well Drilling

    Compressed air has huge power, which can make drilling work economically and efficiently. It is often used with pneumatic tools such as pneumatic drills, etc.

  • Ventilation

    In the underground working environment, it is easy to cause hypoxia. In addition to be used as a pneumatic energy source, cleaning dust, and transmitting signals, air compressors can also provide breathing air for workers underground. But the quality of the compressed air needs to be very clean and pure, so it will not harm to the health of workers.

  • Pneumatic equipment

    Compressed air has strong power energy and can drive pneumatic equipment. Special attention should be paid to air quality in a narrow underground working environment. Therefore, the clean air source of oil-free air compressors can be applied to reduce the harmful substances in the working environment and the probability of failure of pneumatic equipment.