SC/HC Series

With highly anti-noise design makes the noise level down. Its exquisite structure design and powerful functions can meet up with your requirements of high quality and quiet working environment.


  • Horse power (HP) 3~10
  • Working pressure (kg/cm²) 8~16
  • Capacity (m³/min) 0.270~0.955


Satisfactory of high efficiency and low noise

  1. SWAN high efficiency compressor pump
  2. Smart control system
  3. Quick lift-off door
  4. Belt-tension adjust mechanism
  5. Low noise structure design


SWAN high efficiency compressor pump

Able to customize with reciprocating, enforced lubrication or high-pressure compressor pump.  Coordinate with cabinet structure and noise absorb materials, offer you quite working environment.

Smart control system

Smart control system with indicators on panel shows running status on/off and standby, able to run with energy saving anytime.

Quick lift-off door

Sturdy, light weighted, easy disassemble. Not only to offer full protection of compressor pump, also allow maintenance easily applied.

Belt-tension adjust mechanism

Proper belt-tension is important to safety during running of compressor.  Over tight will cause damage of bearing and electrical parts.  Belt-tension adjust mechanism able to check tension and straightness, allow proper adjustment processed by necessary.

Low noise structure design

Rigid cover structure, noise absorb material and high-efficient anti-noise design to reduce vibration and noise.


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Detailed specifications

Model Power (HP) Power (kW) Working Pressure (kg/cm²) Capacity (m³/min) Dimension (mm) (L*W*H) Weight (kg)
SVU-203C-1 3 2.2 8 0.296 850X730X1280 265
SVU-205C-1 5 3.7 8 0.455 850X730X1280 280
SVU-205CN-1 5 3.7 8 0.455 850x730x1280 280
SWU-307CN-1 7.5 5.5 8 0.723 960X830X1370 318
SWU-310CN-1 10 7.5 8 0.955 960X830X1370 334
HVU-203C-1 3 2.2 16 0.270 850X730X1280 263
HVU-205C-1 5 3.7 16 0.406 850X730X1280 274
HVU-205CN-1 5 3.7 16 0.406 850x730x1280 274
HWU-307CN-1 7.5 5.5 16 0.606 960X830X1370 315
HWU-310CN-1 10 7.5 16 0.786 960X830X1370 331
  • The specification of the above air compressor is for 50Hz's, other discharge, pressure and drive type available upon request
  • SWAN Air Compressors keep on searching for excellence, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

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