Leisure & Entertainment

Leisure & Entertainment

In addition to be used on many large-scale amusing facilities in amusement parks, compressed air can also be used to provide high-pressure air as the driving source. For example, small air compressors can be used for daily application on inflating tires , basketballs, rubber boats, and other facilities as a Simple fast pumping tool.

  • Theme rides

    There are many amusement facilities in the amusement park that need to be driven by compressed air, such as carousels ,and pirate ships.

  • Fountains

    Compressed air is used to propel water to produce special visual effects.

  • Diving

    Air compressors can provide sufficient oxygen for diving, so the quality of compressed air needs to be very clean. Oil-less air compressors can provide oil-free, odorless, hygienic, clean, and dry air, which will not cause any health problem.

  • Inflation

    Compressed air can be used for inflating basketballs, balloons, rubber boats, swimming rings, inflatable pools, and hovercrafts.

  • Cycling

    In our daily life, the tires of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles are always being inflated. The air pressure in the tires can play as a cushioning and shock-absorbing effect. It is very important to inflate tires correctly. When the inflation is insufficient or over-inflated, they cannot work properly, which will greatly affect the driving safety , tire performance and service-life. The compressed air is often used with pneumatic tools, such as inflatable guns.