「SA-202CD」Is Awarded Taiwan Excellence 2020

2019 - 11 - 11
「SA-202CD」Is Awarded Taiwan Excellence 2020

SA-202CD is developed by adopting ISO Standards and Directives of CE and PED.  To apply for all industries, it is designed in oil-less, clean air, less space and combination cabinet type which allows air dryer and air compressor purchase separately.
SA-202CD features:
1. Fireproof sound-absorbing material is adopted to reduce noise. Noise level is lower than 64dB.
2. Both air dryer unit and air compressor unit are designed the connecting part, easy to combine if customer buy another unit.
3. Keep low temperature and protect air-used equipment, air cooler located in front of motor, heat will take away while the air is suck into motor.
4. The molecular sieves that inside the dryer are dried by the compressed air generated of itself, which enable molecular sieves to be recyclable, and achieve low dew point (under -40oC).
5. It designed the deflector box under machine base, increase air flow rate and reduce the heat.
6. Stainless steel air tank to avoid rusting.